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The Start of it All...


Rozavon Dust Up

Pictured above at 8 weeks

(Strathdene Pierrot x Rozavon Holly)

Breeder: Mrs Claude Smith

My introduction to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi goes back to 1954 when the breed was in its' infancy in Australia.

Since that time I have never been without the company of some wonderful and unique companions.

My first 'show dog' "Dusty" put me on a path that has yielded so much enjoyment over the years.

Whilst only a relatively small breeder, I am very proud of the stock that has carried the "Westglen" prefix,

- it has held its' own in the show ring for more than 50 years now in Australia and numerous overseas countries.

I cannot imagine my life without a Pembroke Welsh Corgi!


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